Continuous improvement, sustainable development and Customer satisfaction are a measure of our success

Factory location is one of the factors affecting the company's performance. Therefore, Sau Con focuses on choosing the factory location on the main highway with an area of more than 10,000 m² at 168A, Nguyen Thi Tram Street, Area 2, Ba Lang Ward, Cai Rang District, Can City. Poetry, a convenient traffic place, helps to quickly and easily export goods for customers and investors to visit and transport goods.
Factory of Sau Con always ensures safety for workers and does not affect neighboring areas, does not cause environmental pollution, noise pollution, ... Arranging scientific production areas, does not overlap and does not interrupt the production process.
Implementing 5S in production: 5S is the name of a method for managing and arranging the working environment. 5S stands for 5 words of Japanese. These are Seiri (Screening), Seiton (Arrange), Seiso (Clean), Seiketsu (Care), and Shitsuke (Ready).
- Screening - Sort: is to review, classify, select and remove unnecessary things in the workplace. This is the first step in the 5S methodology.
- Sort - Set in order: organize, rearrange items according to criteria easy to find, easy to see, easy to get, easy to return. Everything needs to be in the right place for convenience when needed.
- Clean - Shine: regularly cleaning, cleaning, cleaning everything that causes dirt in the workplace. This helps to create a clean environment, minimizing risks. In addition, it also improves the machine's accuracy to avoid dirt.
- Standardize: is to continue to maintain the above 3S standards and implement them on an ongoing basis. It sets the stage for development into 5S.
- Ready - Sustain: practice, create self-discipline habit, maintain order and style. 5S also needs to strictly comply with regulations at the workplace to be ready for production.