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Production technology

With the creativity and technical solutions with technology, combining a rigorous production process from design - production - construction. At the same time, Cau Con Co., Ltd. always applies the most advanced process in the manufacturing field, using Inventor software in designing and calculating, CNC machining, pre-machining materials selected by ultrasound. produce the most optimal, innovative products with technical technical solutions, combining mechanical materials, wood, composite plastic, ... Therefore, the company's toy products are very diverse. categories, durable, beautiful, safe, attractive, suitable for the psychology of young people - teenagers.
Typical production technology: In order for the products to gain absolute trust from domestic and foreign customers, Cau Con always focuses on developing a system of safety equipment in products. Especially, for big-size, thrilling game products. Sau Con is applying a close combination of two safety lock systems, including:
- The first system is HYDRAULIC SAFETY COURSE. Main parts include: storage (or source), hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic valve and hydraulic oil pump. In particular, the equipment are imported from Europe and Japan (such as control valves imported from Germany).
- The second system is THE SAFETY MECHANICAL BARSOLER. To have a complete mechanical tooth bar system, it is necessary to achieve high level of engineering and meet absolute accuracy of the system. By doing this, the new safety lock can meet the large load capacity, the transmission ratio is stable due to no slippery phenomenon, achieves efficiency of more than 99%, always operates stably with high speed, high capacity. and long-term durability.
With the effective combination of two sets of locks as on top electrically controlled to create two safety levels: first hydraulic and mechanical first, together with quality seat belts and belts, ... all make up the absolute safety system in the products.