Continuous improvement, sustainable development and Customer satisfaction are a measure of our success
Quality verification

Strict quality inspection system: To ensure the quality and safety of products before going to the market, Cau Con strictly implements a quality inspection system at all stages from checking objects. Investing in input equipment to verify the quality on each stage of technical construction and control the absolute safety level before installing and handing over products to customers.
 "Continuous improvement, sustainable development and customer satisfaction are our measure of success"
* Market:
Crocodile products are highly appreciated and hold a leading position in Vietnam, at the same time, increasingly expanding throughout the Southeast Asian market, from Thailand to Malaysia and Indonesia.
With 20 years of establishment and development, up to now, Cau Con has become the leading company in designing, manufacturing and supplying park games and amusement parks at home and abroad.
* Flagship product:
With a stable market, a team of employees who are proficient, enthusiastic, responsible at work. And with many years of experience in the manufacture and supply of large-sized outdoor game equipment, amusement parks, resorts, ... We are proud to always bring joy to teenagers and children with typical products:
- Thrilling games: TopWave; Two-Way Flight Carpet; Ferris Wheel 32M, 36M; Music Express; Crazy Jump; Spaceship 18M, 24M & 39M; Max Air; Swing Tilt Belt; Moon Exploration; Tagada; Swing Around; Airship 1 Sprocket, 2 Twisted & 3 Twisted;
- Popular games for installing amusement parks, parks and water parks: Stainless Steel Floor Trolley; The Queen's Ferris Wheel; Flying car; Queen's Train; Donald Duck Pneumatic Swivel Tower; Cloud Ferris Wheel; Space Wheel; Boats Hydraulic Aircraft; Steam House; ... And design, manufacture and install water park toys.
- In addition, Sau Con also designs and constructs industrial steel buildings.
Sau Con Co., Ltd. commits to providing customers with the most optimal products and always focuses on the following production criteria:
- Renovate technology, invest in modern equipment, diversify products, produce high quality products at reasonable prices to meet customers' requirements and improve their reputation. Company.
- Comply with the signed contract, always listen to customers' opinions, take timely remedial measures and propose optimal solutions to improve efficiency in production.
Ensuring to comply with commitments on: Quality, price, delivery time and the best way to serve customers.
- Implement continuously and continuously improve the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015 standards.